Quality Statement

  • We understand the tough technical standards leading caterers and manufacturers insist on.
  • The quality and specification of our products are Campden Grade A.
  • We have a dedicated qualified technical team whose expertise and experience encompasses factory audits, product sampling and quality assurance.
  • Our own Technical team co-ordinate our customer led quality expectation with our suppliers commitment to match that expectation.
  • We have an uncompromising commitment to quality tracking the performance of every supplier as well as the quality record of every shipment we receive.
  • We thoroughly research responsible sourcing.
  • We only purchase from factories and canneries that have undergone our strict supplier approval process. All details of approval are available to any customer on request.
  • Equally any product specification can be immediately available.
  • Our systems provide complete traceability from customer back to source with a comprehensive record of all administrative procedures.
  • In our test kitchen our Technical Team constantly check the contents of container shipments against specification on arrival.
  • Our Tuna Sustainability Policy is detailed on this website.
  • Earth Island Institute: We only source tuna from canneries that have satisfied all the requirements for the Earth Island Institute Programme of Inspection. The Earth Island Institute monitors tuna companies around the world to ensure the tuna is caught by methods that do not harm dolphins and protect the marine ecosystem.
  • Our Ethical Policy is detailed on this website.
  • The Environmental Policy we adopt can also be read on this website
  • The STS Audit certification awarded to Caterers Choice is also included within this site. (The Code of Practice and Technical Standards for Food Processors and Suppliers to the Public Sector).
  • All our sales meetings include product sampling in our test kitchen where we monitor our own product quality and compare our own brand against other packer´┐Żs labels.

Download our Quality Statement as a PDF document.