Products in storage

We have extensive experience in shipping containers of product into the UK from our growing number of global partners. Our dedicated shipping team coordinate all consignments from factory to our warehouse or customer.


  • Long established relationships with freight forwarders
  • On line tracking of containers
  • Efficient customs clearance
  • Continually monitored shipping schedules to meet stock requirements and ensure continuity across our range
Worldwide shipping Storage facilities

Warehousing & Distribution

  • 180,000 sq ft storage facility located at Wisbech
  • 12,000 pallet rack spaces
  • Dedicated food distribution to Retail, Foodservice, Cash & Carry and Manufacturing sites nationwide weekly
  • 82 vehicle fleet of satellite controlled vehicles
  • Close proximity to port for container arrivals
  • Centrally located for pallet service distribution throughout England, Scotland and Wales
  • Picking facility to deliver mixed pallets
  • Delivery within 4 days for pallet service to pre-booked order day/delivery day routine
  • Flexibility to deliver next day
Palletised vehicle Delivery within 4 days