Market Information

You can reply on us to keep you accurately informed.

  • Our advice is always current as we have a dialogue with canneries/producers daily - worldwide.
  • We will advise on the tuna raw material price, the level of catches, fishing bans and the view of the canneries going forward.
  • We will advise on world crop yields and envisaged price movements.
  • Our technical expertise is available to find alternative sources internationally and the specifications available to secure the right product for your business.
  • We can update you on any legislation concerning food hygiene, storage, packaging etc.
  • Our technical team are keen to help you with any facet of Quality Assurance.
  • Our specification for any product is available to our customers as is any factory accreditation certification.
  • Our national account team provide our service on a regional basis. Accurate marketing information is key to their trading ability. Trust and confidence in the information we place before you is crucial to the successful development of business with our customers.
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