We strive to understand our customer's business so that we can plan to meet all requirements with a response which is judged to be both flexible and professional. As a family run business we offer a hands on approach where your business is valued. Our experienced team share this vision and have the experience and ability to deliver it.

  • Communication and regular contact to understand your business so that our service matches your requirements.
  • Responsive liaison from an experienced team on all issues.
  • Accurate market information, which hindsight substantiates.
  • Comprehensive range available in a full range of pack sizes.
  • New product information, innovation and support to keep you ahead of your market.
  • Quality: defined with a comprehensive specification.
  • Liaison with our technical manager on all quality assurance issues.
  • Complete traceability.
  • Accreditation certificates available immediately on application.
  • Access to the best producers in the world.
  • Own brand if required.
  • Contracted pricing i.e. an agreed period at a fixed price with stipulated quantity.
  • Shipments on time. Reliability is key.
  • Direct container deliveries to an agreed schedule.
  • Efficient warehousing; accurate picking.
  • Pallet service - quick, effective, on-time.
  • Full loads, 10 pallets, 5 pallets, or 1 mixed pallet - to your specification.
  • Accurate, prompt invoicing, administration and account reconciliation.
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