Global Seasonality Chart

Product Product of Origin Contract Periods
Apples Italy October - November
Apples China October - February
Apricots Spain; Greece June
Apricots China May - June
Fruit Cocktail Italy; Greece; Spain September - December
Fruit Cocktail China September - April
Grapefruit Israel December - March
Grapefruit Turkey December - April
Mandarins Spain December
Mandarins China November - February
Mandarins Italy November - December
Peaches China July - August
Peaches Italy; Greece; Spain July - September
Pears Italy; Spain Sepember - December
Pears China August - April
Pineapple Thailand January - May
Pineapple Kenya November - December
Pineapple China October - June
Pineapple Swaziland July - August
Strawberries Spain; Turkey April - June
Sweetcorn Thailand
Sweetcorn France; Hungary
Tomatoes Italy August - October
Tomatoes Spain July - September
Tomato Paste Italy August - October
Potatoes Belgium October
Red Salmon Alaska November - December
Pink Salmon Alaska November - December

Our Global Seasonability Calendar

Booking Contractual Amounts of Product

1. Seasonal Products

  • When crops are harvested and canned there is an opportunity to buy quantities at a price at an exchange rate.
  • Many of the canned goods we import are seasonal with one crop e.g. tomatoes from Italy are packed when the new season is harvested in August, September and October. This is the window of opportunity to buy for a year.
  • We will issue our customer with a "contract" which states the specific item, price, the quantity we bought on their behalf with the time duration of uptake.
  • When the contract is concluded with any customer we immediately cover the currency.
  • The alternative is for our customers to buy pallet quantities "spot" whenever they require product. The cost will be the market price as per our price list at the time of purchase.
  • Caterers Choice will contract to buy a quantity of any seasonal product which will match the envisaged sales to our "spot customer buyers".
  • Please be mindful that if you want a large quantity of any "seasonal" canned goods then you need to consider the contract route.
  • The Global Seasonality Chart on the next page shows the products, the Countries of Origin and the months when contracts are usually placed.
  • Please treat the specified months on the chart as a rule of thumb guide because crops can be "early" or "late".
  • Do liaise with your Regional Account Manager to discuss your requirement and the specific information relevant to any crop.

2. All Year Availability Products Eg Tuna, Baked Beans, Pasta, Pulses etc

  • Tuna is a worldwide catch caught every month of the year.
  • Prices will be governed by a number of key factors ie sizes of the catches, exchange rates, world demand, specification, fishing method, shipping rates etc.
  • You can place a contract or you can "spot buy" pallet quantities.
  • Please talk to us at Head Office or see your Regional Account Manager to discuss any contractual tuna quantity. We will detail market conditions, the exchange rate and a price for the quantity you stipulate.
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